Starting at Intergen


As alluded to earlier I have have shifted jobs, and have started at a place called Intergen. It is a bit of a culture shock going from 5 people working on one project to over 100 people working on more things than I can count.

So far the highlight at Intergen for me has definitely been the people. Besides all being very nice and a lot of fun to work with, Intergen has many of the best .NET developers in the country, including two MVPs and one of New Zealand's Microsoft Regional Directors.

Intergenite cast:

  • John-Daniel Trask - New Zealand .NET Blog of the Year winner. Also known for crazy antics.
  • Jeremy Norman - EPiServer expert and a very good Halo 2 player. I'm (currently) very bad so we often end up on the same team [:)]
  • Trey Guinn - When we first met, for a second there, he had me believing that we were long lost friends. Americans!
  • Nick Urry - Intergen developer and content management expert extraordinaire.
  • Jeremy Boyd - New Zealand Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for SQL Server 2005.
  • John Lewis - Part of the Intergen creative studio.

And many more who have not yet hopped on the blogging bandwagon. Thanks for making me feel welcome [:)]