James Newton-King Hi, my name is James Newton-King and I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

By day I'm a software developer and work for Microsoft. By night I fight the criminal underworld in the guise of a bat and write fictitious internet biographies.


I love building applications and websites. There is a great sense of achievement creating genuinely useful applications for people and I like the constant innovation and improvement in programming languages and tools. I am always interested in learning new and better ways of doing things.

I enjoyed studying economics at college and I went on to study commerce at university. Micro-economics and the psychology of money; and macro-economics and monetary policy's affect on an economy are subjects that still fascinate me. I know you're thinking that all sounds incredibly boring but I dare you to read Freakonomics and say it isn't just a little bit interesting.

Online and free education is something I am interested in. I think the world would be a significantly better place if only we all spent a little more time learning about it. The next time you see Jimmy Wales looking sad on Wikipedia and asking for donations, give a little. Information may be free but bandwidth and web servers are not.


I attended Victoria University in 2001-2003, completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information Systems.

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