Five Things Meme

The five things meme continues to consume the blogosphere, devouring all in its path. JD has tagged me so in the interests of playing a long I will now post 5 exclusive, never heard before things about me. Please make sure your tray is upright and locked, and assume the edge of your seat position.

  1. Apart from playing around with HTML and a little JavaScript at college, I didn't really start programming until my second year of university. The paper than introduced me was on VB 6.0, and I enjoyed it so much I got an A+ and then came back to tutor it the year after.
  2. I can't scull. I just can't. Alas, my Fear Factor/Survivor career is over before it ever began. I know I'll never pass the "The person who drinks the glass of {disgusting substance} fastest wins" challenge.
  3. My favourite 80s TV program is DuckTales. That one is for you TY [:)]
  4. I have a fairly large burn scar on my left bicep, caused by a hot drink and an overly inquisitive baby (me). I was only 3 at the time and I don't remember it happening. The scar has also faded over the years to the point where no one notices unless I point it out. I actually quite like it because I usually win when guys start comparing.
  5. My blood type is O-negative, universal donor. If you're stranded on a strange island by a plane crash and you need a blood transfusion, I'm your guy.

My victims are: Porges, Cynos, Jerms, Brendan and Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok of Marginal Revolution fame. Go meme go!