Sitemaps 1.1 released

Don't kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about!GoogleSitemap.NET has been renamed and re-released as Sitemaps.NET 1.1. When I originally wrote it in 2005, XML sitemaps were a Google only feature but since then Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have gotten together to create a standard, hence the rename.

There a couple of changes and bug fixes in 1.1 but nothing major.

  • New feature - Ability to ignore URLs in your ASP.NET sitemap by adding the attribute sitemapsIgnore="true"
  • Change - Renamed from GoogleSitemap.NET to Sitemaps.NET to reflect the new standard at
  • Change - Namespace updated to
  • Bug fix - Fixed culture issues related to writing the decimal point in a URL's priority

While I was putting Visual Studio's rename refactor through its paces I also changed the license, created a Sitemaps.NET page on my blog here and created a CodePlex project containing the source. Links below.

Sitemaps.NET CodePlex Project

Sitemaps.NET 1.1 Download