Blog Redesign

If you regularly visit my blog (subscribe already!) you may have noticed the design has been updated.

Here is a comparison between the old and the new. Click for a bigger image:

Looking at that tired old freak has made me realize I'm no spring chicken myself. I can feel death's clammy hand on my shoulder...wait, that's my hand.  Homer: 'There's your giraffe, little girl.' Ralph Wiggum: 'I'm a boy.' Homer: 'That's the spirit. Never give up.'

I threw out the old design and started with a template called EliteCircle, which I have made some fairly substantial updates to. I was a little hesitant about changing the CSS too much, the last time I had done any serious CSS work was over two years ago, but everything ending up going smoothly.


The previous look was simple which I liked, but it was gradually getting overrun by tag and archive links. Tags are now displayed in a screen real estate efficient cloud, and archive links have been moved to a separate page.

The design is slightly wider. The previous design's minimum resolution was 800x600, which according to Google Analytics is used by just 0.3% of visitors these days. The new minimum resolution is now 1024x768. With the wider design I have increased the content text to match.

In the new design I have also removed a lot of what I think is unnecessary information from the blog. The focus of a blog should be the content. Details like what categories a post is in or exactly what time a comment was made aren't of interested to the average visitor and have been removed to reduce screen clutter.

Overall I am really happy with the new design and I think it is a big improvement over what was here before.


As always with a redesign, if you spot anything weird or broken, or just think something looks bad, let me know. Thanks!