Build Server Rules

Breaking the build server is Serious Business. Fortunately there are a set of rules put together by a group of wise and thoughtful men to encourage good build server practice. And beer.

Build Server Rules

  1. The penalty for breaking the build is a beer.
  2. A broken build beer can only be written up while the build is broken.
  3. Once the build is broken, broken build beers will not be given until the build is fixed. It is considered bad form for other users to check in while the build is broken.
  4. Broken builds resulting from environmental factors on the build server such as locked files or other transient behavior shall not be penalized.
  5. Amnesty can be requested for tasks that can only be tested on the build server.
    1. Amnesty must be requested in advance.
    2. Amnesty requires the agreement of the build server council.
    3. While amnesty is in effect anyone can check into the build server with impunity.
    4. Amnesty ends once the task is complete and the build server is green.
  6. Build beers must be cashed in upon a contributor reaching 12 broken builds. Multiples of 6 may be purchased.
  7. Disputes are judged by a majority ruling of the build server council. Decisions and lulz are final.

Like developers must learn to honor the build server, testers must also be kept on their toes for that rare occasion when your code contains a bug.

QA Rules

  1. Each undiscovered bug in a release, judged as one that should have been found by the council, is a beer.
  2. The penalty for a bug found existing in multiple releases is a QA beer per release.

Hey, Homer, I'm worried about the beer supply. After this case, and the other case, there's only one case left.

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