Sunday Podcasts 2

Remember, you can always find East by staring directly at the sun. This American Life - Classifieds

This American Life is a fantastic weekly podcast about everyday aspects of life. Each week’s show has a theme and then a number of stories around that theme.

This episode is based on stories gathered from classified ads, all found from a single single newspaper on a single day. A man who posted an ad about a missing dog, a personnel ad to win back a lost love, and my favourite: assembling a disparate group of musicians from classified ads to form a band for one day only and record a song – Rocket Man.

Jon Langford and the One Day Band - Rocket Man.mp3:

HanselminutesVisiting Fog Creek Software and Joel Spolsky

Scott Hanselman interviews Joel Spolsky about technology, business, blogging and shark jumping. I can’t say I agree with many of Spolsky’s opinions on programming (eww) but he has a good head for business and marketing.

I hope this has taught you kids a lesson: kids never learn. While Fog Creek is most known for a project management tool called Fogbuz they also have created a remote desktop service called Copilot. A DVD I brought not long after I started my first software development job is a documentary about Copilot called Aardvark'd: Twelve Weeks with Geeks. Aardvark is a fun little movie about the software and the small group of interns who made it. Recommended.