Json.NET 4.5 Release 4 – Portable Class Library Build

They took my dressing room, my parking space, even my writer, so I don't have a funny third item.Portable Class Library Build

Json.NET now has a Portable Class Library build that can be found in the /Bin/Portable directory from the zip download on CodePlex. The portable build targets the absolute basics (.NET 4.0, SL4, WP7, Metro) and so hopefully should run on just about everything.

Improved Collection Serialization

JsonArrayAttribute and JsonDictionaryAttribute now have properties to customize the serialization of collection items. ItemConverter, ItemTypeNameHandling, ItemReferenceLoopHandling and ItemIsReference will apply to all the items of that list/dictionary when serializing and deserializing.


  • New feature – Added Portable Class Library build
  • New feature - Added support for customizing the JsonConverter, type name handling and reference handling of collection items
  • New feature - Added Path to JsonReaderException/JsonSerializationException messages
  • New feature - Added DateParseHandling to JsonReader
  • New feature - Added JsonContainerContract
  • New feature - Added JsonDictionaryAttribute
  • Change – Instances of Exception have been changed to be a more specific exception
  • Fix – Fixed Windows Application Certification tool error by removing AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute
  • Fix - Fixed JsonWriters not using DateTimeZoneHandling


Json.NET CodePlex Project

Json.NET 4.5 Release 4 Download – Json.NET source code, documentation and binaries