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  • Sunday Podcasts 4

    Son. If you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Quiet! They're gonna announce the lottery numbers. Penny Arcade TVPing Pong 1/Ping Pong 2

    The guys at Penny Arcade have branched out from podcasts to a web TV show with predictably hilarious results.

    There are a lot of good episodes (PA’s crazy hire process!) but I really love this duo covering Penny Arcade’s obsession with Ping Pong and a rematch game against Bungie, the makers of my beloved Halo.

    Smack talk, slow-mo ping pong action shots and an agonist sporting a sinister English accent – what’s not to like?

    Now let's all get drunk and play ping pong!

    NPR: Planet Money PodcastWe Bought A Toxic Asset!

    I wouldn’t call Planet Money a pure economics podcast – it definitely has a bit of an opinion about some economic social issues so viewer discretion is advised – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting.

    This episode the people at Planet Money buy a toxic asset and explain in simple language what a toxic asset is and why and how you would buy one. It is a lot more entertaining than I ever would have thought possible.

    Oh and bonus points for playing both The Gambler and Danger Zone in a single podcast!