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    Oh, man! We killed Mr. Burns! Mr. Burns is gonna be so mad! Day[9] DailyMy Life of Starcraft

    12 years (!!!) after Starcraft and Starcraft II is finally playable. I remember talking with friends just after the first game came out about what we thought the sequel, sure to be ready in a couple of years of course, would be like. So naive 1998 James, so naive.

    Beyond being a really fun game to play, Starcraft is also exciting to watch. It is the most successful “e-sport” videogame in the world, with hundreds of pro-gamers making a living off playing Starcraft. Korea in particular loves the game; Starcraft is practically the national sport. Entire TV channels there are dedicated to nothing but pro-gamers playing Starcraft, complete with live commentators.

    Actual Starcraft stadium:

    Knife goes in, guts come out! That's what Osaka Seafood Concern is all about!


    This videocast is by a famous personality in the English speaking Starcraft world, Day[9], and life growing up playing Starcraft. His brother is also heavily involved in the game and I found their journey growing up together really inspirational: from kids in a small town in Kansas playing a videogame on their old home computer, to competing in and winning international Starcraft tournaments around the world, powered by nothing but an incredible love of the game and the support of their mom.

    Day[9] Daily #100: My Life of Starcraft