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  • Json.NET 4.5 Release 8 – Multidimensional Array Support, Unicode Improvements

    Multidimensional Array Support

    Json.NET now supports serializing and deserializing multidimensional arrays. There isn't anything you need to do, if one of your types has a multidimensional array property It Just Works™.

    string[,] famousCouples = new string[,]
        { "Adam", "Eve" },
        { "Bonnie", "Clyde" },
        { "Donald", "Daisy" },
        { "Han", "Leia" }
    string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(famousCouples, Formatting.Indented);
    // [
    //   ["Adam", "Eve"],
    //   ["Bonnie", "Clyde"],
    //   ["Donald", "Daisy"],
    //   ["Han", "Leia"]
    // ]
    string[,] deserialized = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<string[,]>(json);
    Console.WriteLine(deserialized[3, 0] + ", " + deserialized[3, 1]);
    // Han, Leia

    Unicode Performance Improvements

    Prior versions of Json.NET allocated a new array and string object to the heap for every Unicode character; a potentially expensive situation if your application is writing a lot of Unicode characters.

    This release improves Unicode serialization so that Json.NET will only allocate a single array for all Unicode text and then writes the text directly to the underlying output stream. These changes improve Json.NET performance of Unicode intensive objects by about 20% and significantly reduces the time spent doing garbage collection.


    Here is a complete list of what has changed since Json.NET 4.5 Release 7.

    • New feature - Serialize and deserialize multidimensional arrays
    • New feature - Members on dynamic objects with JsonProperty/DataMember will now be included in serialized JSON
    • New feature - LINQ to JSON load methods will read past preceding comments when loading JSON
    • New feature - Improved error handling to return incomplete values upon reaching the end of JSON content
    • Change - Improved performance and memory usage when serializing Unicode characters
    • Change - The serializer now creates objects using GetUninitializedObject when deserializing a Serializable type
    • Fix - Added SecurityTransparent attribute to WinRT build
    • Fix - Fixed infinite loop error caused by error handling upon reaching the end of JSON content


    Json.NET CodePlex Project

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