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  • WebDialog beta available for download

    Newtonsoft WebDialog has gotten to the point where I feel it is ready to begin beta testing.

    Documentation is still largely work in progress but there are installation instructions and intellisense for all new objects, as well as a quickstart guide on this website. The WebDialog beta is fully functional when developing on your own computer.

    WebDialog beta download

    WebDialog quickstart guide

    If you encounter any bugs or have any comments I'd love to hear them. You can either use the support request form or leave a comment here.

  • About WebDialog

    Essentially WebDialog is an ASP.NET control for displaying dialogs inside the browser window. It allows developers to display dialogs when, where and how they want to without all the current browser restrictions.

    A couple of WebDialog examples


    Anyone who has built rich web sites will know that there are a lot of problems around the area of displaying dialogs. Aggressive popup blockers, no cross platform compatible modal dialogs and simplistic, inflexible confirmation and alert popups all limit what a developer can do when creating a UI. WebDialog is designed to solve many of these issues:

    • Display user friendly dialogs inside the browser window.
    • Display dialogs and popups where and when you want.
    • Cross-browser support.
    • Powerful, yet easy to use.
    • Can create splash screens, confirmations, ad popups, modal dialogs and more!

    Coming Soon

    WebDialog is not quite ready to be released but it should be available within the next few weeks. In the mean time I have put it’s webpage up here. The webpage goes into detail on some of the features mentioned above as well as having more screenshots, a quickstart guide on how it to use it within ASP.NET and some online demos to try out.